Meet a Few of The Drivers In Our Network
At Gopher State Taxi,  All of our drivers are
independent operators that are members of our
service network,  and come from many different
companies. Our Drivers average over twenty years
experience each and have excellent safety
By operating as a Network,  we are able to attract  
the best drivers in town.  We are not aiming to be  
the biggest company in town,  just the best.

We do not accept every cab order placed. If a time
slot fills up, we will
NOT accept any more orders for
that time. If we accept your order, a cab will show up
and be
On Time. (Example: If we only have 6 cabs
available for the 5am time slot,  we will only accept   
6 orders for 5am.)
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Mike K.

Mike B.

Tom Z.
Picture coming soon
Kennys Lincoln
Mercedes Sprinter
11 Passenger Van
Expedition XL
Matt's Suburban